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Target your customer base where they spend most of their time – right on their smartphones! SMS Marketing allows you to drive sales, spread the word on promotions, and form tighter bonds with an engaged audience across the modern cannabis culture landscape.

The Direct Approach to Modern Marketing

SMS, otherwise known as short message service, is a modern marketing tactic that involves automated texts being sent to a large contact list of phone numbers. While this messaging is strictly regulated by CTIA and the FCC, we’re able to share cannabis or CBD-focused messages to your customer contact list. 

Text messaging sent via SMS for Cannabis Companies does have to include certain features, such as the ability to automatically “opt-out” whenever these messages are no longer desired. Additionally, certain cannabis and CBD-focused terms like “flower” and “marijuana” are not permitted, so clever and creative phrasing is a must when it comes to writing texts for a text message marketing campaign.

At Seedless Media, we recommend messaging your customers no more than once per week, as it’s important not to annoy an audience with daily messaging. We can offer special pricing for clients looking to send texts more frequently. 

During an SMS campaign, it’s also critical to pay attention to opt-out trends. If opt-outs are low, it’s a great time to get a message out! If we detect a rapid rise in the amount of opt-outs, we will recommend that clients permit more time in between each text blast to prevent annoying their customer base. 

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Modern marketers agree that text message marketing has significantly increased revenue generation for their clients – and many have noted that SMS marketing has performed better than other marketing channels, illustrating why brands are increasingly investing in SMS as an integral part of their overall cannabis marketing strategy. It’s a critical part of cannabis culture engagement!

It’s important to personalize your company’s text message marketing based on the actions your subscribers take, as well as when and where your text messages are delivered. At Seedless Media, we use timezone-based sending to ensure texts are delivered at the right time for a specific region. Keeping your opt-in rate as high as possible ensures that your audience is receptive and engaged in the realm of SMS for Cannabis Companies and effective Cannabis Marketing.

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