GEO-Targeting / Display Advertising

Get your digital ads in front of customers with a proven interest in your products! With geo-targeting / display advertising from Seedless Media, you can leverage digital impressions to secure clicks, online sales, and even store walk-ins at your physical location!

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What is GEO-Targeting/ Display Advertising?

With our programmatic advertising with  geo-targeting technology allows you to put your brand in front of your competitions customers! Watch the video to see how our technology works. 

Tap Into Your Audience with Geo-Targeting

Geo-Targeting / display advertising is perfect for boosting brand awareness and product visibility. It also allows dispensaries, cannabis brands, and CBD brands to target a specified audience with creative ads that are relevant to their interests. 

Advantages for Your Business:

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Mainstream Inventory

Launch ad campaigns that engage regulated audiences across 75k+ mainstream website and apps. 

Extensive Tracking Capabilities

Geo Targeting Ads Drive Traffic

Raw numbers speak for themselves when it comes to digital marketing. Seedless Media offers exclusive access to personalized campaign tracking dashboards that provide robust performance data, making it easy to identify trends, address low-performing segments, or capitalize off of what works.

Our geo-targeting / display ads drive traffic, product awareness, store walk-ins, and most importantly, your sales. Start empowering your business marketing efforts with professional insight and advanced technology from the Seedless Media team! 

CBD & Cannabis Geo-Targeting

Your creative banner ads will appear on mobile or desktop the moment potential customers browse their favorite websites and apps. 

Advanced Segmentation and Re-Targeting

Seedless Media can help your business target key demographics and specified regions. This ensures your banner ads drive website visits, e-commerce transactions, and store walk-ins.

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