Cannabis Marketing Experts

The Seedless Media Fulfillment team is comprised of digital marketing experts with over 30 years experience combined all specializing in a variety of different marketing realms.  Our team works in a unique collaborative environment to develop the highest quality content and thoughtful solutions for our clients.

Justene’s area of expertise is Programmatic Display strategy and Email Marketing campaign design.  She enjoys roadtrips, collecting old vinyls, and spending time with her family.

Dylan is an expert at website development and email marketing.  He likes to play golf, poker, and listen to 70s music in his free time.

Andrew’s specific areas of expertise are search engine optimization, SMS marketing, and troubleshooting website issues.  He is also a student of Kenpo and enjoys snowboarding, reading, and hiking with his rescue dog Sir.


Alex is our resident copywriter and an expert at data visualization.  He likes watching movies, reading, and gaming.

Sales Team

Our sales team is made up of industry experts who know your brand. If you’ve gotten a call from one of them, it means they know you would grow with our services. If you haven’t been called yet, you’re probably on our list, but you can schedule a meeting here if you’d like to learn more about our services!

Chandler is our resident cannabis marketing expert, he stays up to date on the latest in cannabis news.  Schedule a demo today!

Devon can share the latest services and package information with you for cannabis marketing.  Schedule a demo today!

Chase can provide you with expert level cannabis marketing strategies to help your business thrive.  Schedule a demo today!

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