Maximize Your Dispensary Advertising With Display Ads

Most people today find out about new products, businesses, and services through online advertising. And of course, this includes those looking for CBD and cannabis products. Including display ads as part of a robust dispensary advertising campaign is a practical and effective way to significantly boost your website and webpage visibility.

What are Display Ads?

Display ads are typically images, animations, or even short videos that provide a visual presentation for the consumer. One of the most popular places for these types of ads is in the Google Display Network, and it can be very effective at getting your brand and your products in front of a large group of targeted consumers. Display ads can also include social media posts, paid ads on social media sites, banners, and even more traditional types of advertising. Responsive ads change based on the platform, while remarketing ads target past visitors to your website.

In general, cannabis display ads are more difficult to position due to various laws about advertising this product between different states, and even between Canada and the United States. CBD display ads, due to the legal ability to sell and buy CBD in all states and across countries, are highly effective. This is why it is common to see hemp Facebook ads in your feed while cannabis ads are not supported on the platform.

It is also possible to focus on dispensary display ads that promote your business and brand and not a specific product. For many dispensaries, this is the ideal solution as it avoids the possible issues with cannabis display ads while still offering the benefit of quality branding for your business.

Let our team work with you to determine the best options in dispensary advertising to reach your target audience. Contact our dispensary advertising firm today to schedule a free consultation and get started.

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